A lot of webhosts, even some of the larger ones, offer deals that tout the merits of unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space.  By all appearances, this sounds like a great idea, why would anyone choose a host that has limitations?

Because - it's a false statement.  There are no servers that have "unlimited" hard drives or have connections that have no limitations.

They don't offer any hard limits when you sign up, but we guarantee if you use too much space, or your site uses too much bandwidth, they will find other reasons to disable your account. These types of hosts are counting on you to sign up for the unlimited account, but never really use that much of it.  

Then most webhosts attempt to cram as many servers as they can onto these servers to maximize profit, which slows things down for those users who want to use what they paid for.

We offer plans with set limitations, and you can use all of that which you purchase without the worry that our servers will be slow and sluggish due to overselling.

Upgrades to plans are easy, and additional bandwidth and space are available at a very low cost.